Just flash the QR Code
and it’s paid!

Download the Flashiz application, create your account in just a few minutes and link it to your credit card. It’s so simple to pay any Flashiz partner just by flashing the QR Code displayed and confirming the transaction.

Transfer money to friends and family

Send money to your friends and family with Flashiz, it’s instant and it’s free. Go to the ‘Transfer’ feature of the app, enter your friend’s email address, the amount to be sent and confirm!

Get deals and discounts

Forget old-fashioned loyalty cards! Now you can use Flashiz to make savings with your Smartphone at our partner stores. To start using the service, accept the loyalty program offered by the app when you pay with Flashiz. You can get instant reductions or save your points and they will be automatically converted to coupons.

Check out the loyalty programs available in your local stores under ‘Loyalty’ in the Flashiz app.


Flash the QR Code, confirm and it’s paid!


Nobody can access your Flashiz account without your personal code. None of your bank account details are stored on your Smartphone.


Pay with Flashiz and your loyalty cards are managed automatically… and free of charge!

Download Flashiz